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Cast Off on a Combo Tour in Luang Namtha, Laos
  Kayaking on Nam Ha River  
Biking in Luang Namtha
  Embark on a three-day outdoor odyssey that combines two or more sporting activities – trekking, kayaking, and cycling – and adds overnights at village homestays, community lodges, forest or river retreats, and jungle camps.

When tourists started asking for combination tours, Luang Namtha tour operators quickly acted, piecing together parts of existing treks, kayaking trips, cycling tours, and accommodation options to come up with a logical and exciting lineup.
  Kayaking in Nam Tha River   River Trip in Nam Ha River  
  Trekking in Nam Ha   Kayaking in Nam Tha River  
  Though some offer one- and two-day combination tours, three-day versions immerse you in the area’s nature and culture, and efficiently fulfill your Luang Namtha plans, leaving more time to explo re the province’s other highlights.

Trekking often stars in combination tours, with one operator splicing the original Ban Nalan Trek, with the village’s updated community lodge, into the show. Another takes off from Ban Nam Ha and spends the night at a forest retreat on the Nam Ha River before continuing through the NPA. Others explore the area around Ban Sop Sim (Khmu), where the Nam Ha and Nam Tha Rivers meet.

Cycling segments include sites in the Luang Namtha Valley, and while some tours offer a homestay in Ban Nam Ngaen (Tai Dam) near town, others continue south on Route 3 to the Khmu villages of Ban Chaleunsouk or Ban Nam Ha for the night.

Kayaking components are often slotted in after cycling, but can kick off cycle-less tours or wrap up a Nam Ha trek. Overnights can be at forest retreats or a jungle camp near Ban Sop Sim, where a well-earned sleep preps you for the next day.
Update: 05 July 2016
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