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Adventure's Rising Star in Vieng Phoukha
  Tea Caravan Trail  
  Vieng Phoukha once thrived as a trading center on the “Tea Caravan Trail” due to its location about halfway between Siam and Sipsongpanna in today’s southern China. After sitting idle for more than 200 years, it is reemerging as a southern gateway for trekking in the Nam Ha NPA.

Route 3 has replaced the old mountain pass, and it paves the way between Chiang Rai, Thailand and Yunnan, China. Vieng Phoukha Town conveniently sits on the new road, 60 km south of Luang Namtha Town and 100 km north of Houei Xai-Chiang Rail border checkpoint.

Mountains reaching 2,000 meters surround the small river valley district center on the NPA’s perimeter. This makes Vieng Phoukha the perfect launch pad for trekking to remote ethnic villages for homestays, camping while learning how to live in the jungle, exploring caves, and climbing to waterfalls.

Trekking trails around Vieng Phoukha range from easy to difficult, so everyone from young active adults to families to baby boomers can enjoy the area’s nature, culture, and great mountain views. And regardless of the trail’s difficulty level, everyone has the chance to spend the night at an ethnic village and learn about their way of life.

Nearby Vieng Phoukha Town, day-trippers can walk a trail to cold springs at Bor Kung Nature Park, explore Nam Eng Cave, or inspect Vat Mahapot’s ancient ruins.

We spotlight five Provincial Tourism Department-supported experiences you can book at Vieng Phoukha’s Visitor Information Center at Bor Kung Nature Park or through a tour operator conducting the Eco-Guide Unit’s tours.
Update: 05 July 2016
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