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Camp in Town at Bor Kung in Vieng Phoukha
  Camp in Town at Bor Kung in Vieng Phoukha  
  Spend the night in a sleeping bag and tent at the Bor Kung Nature Park’s campgrounds, walk its trails, and refresh yourself in pools fed by cold, clear freshwater springs.

Located behind the Vieng Phoukha Visitor Information Center on the town’s southwestern fringes, the 18-hectare park is the perfect place to launch a trek or sightseeing tour, and offers an excellent alternative to a guesthouse.

The campgrounds, open from October to June, sit in the Eco-guide Unit’s backyard, and they will rent you a tent and sleeping bags for a nominal fee. The open grounds have separate picnic and tent sections, with full toilet facilities off to the side. Nearby sits the remains of a Buddhist temple believed to date to the 14th century.

A short stroll along the block-lined trail leads through a forest to Bor Kung (Shrimp Stream) and the cool springs that feed them. The park constructed pools around the springs for soaking in the clear, fresh waters. They also built channels directing the pools’ overflow into the stream.

Locals hold the surrounding forest as sacred, believing it protects Bor Kung’s wealth of fish, crabs, and good-sized prawns. Nearby Bor Kang (Stewpot Spring) spawns Sai Stream which flows to the Nam Chook River as it passes through Vieng Phoukha Town.

In front of the campgrounds and next to the Visitor Information Center, a row of Akha shops sells handicrafts such as bags, bracelets, belts, and other products. You’ll also find saunas, Ahka massage villas, and a restaurant.
Update: 05 July 2016
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