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Things to do in Luang Namtha, Laos
  Trekking in Luang Namtha  
  Trekking/Hiking/Jungle Camp  
  Single or multi-days trekking tours in the Nam Ha NPA lead by local guide, to explore real natures, mountains, rivers. Visit countryside of ethnic minority groups located in the NPA, learning about their traditional, cultures and daily lifestyle. Spend overnight in the village Eco-lodge or homestay, sometime sleep in the jungle camp host by local people.  
  Participate Activities  
  Kayaking in Luang Namtha  
  Short and long trip safari/adventure kayaking or rafting along the Nam Ha and Nam Tha Rivers through the Nam Ha NPA, bamboo forest, wildlife explore, visit different of ethnic minorities located along the rivers such as: Lanten, Tai Dam, Khmu and Lao huea to learn about their cultures, traditional and fishing techniques.  
  Participate Activities  
  Visit Ethnic Diversity  
  Visit Ethnic Diversity  
  Luang Namtha is home to more than 20 different ethnic groups, making it a remarkable repository of ethnic diversity and indigenous knowledge. The traditional clothing, handicrafts, livelihood systems and rituals of these ethnic groups are a valuable part of the province’s cultural heritage.  
  Participate Activities  
  Homestay in Laos  
  Homestay/Activities Participate  
  Experience ethnic group homestays to see & learning about their culture, traditional and rural daily lifestyles. Participate traditional Baci-ceremony, active or practices ecotourism activities with local people such as: home-cooked Lao food, planting or harvest, step of natural dyeing, traditional weaving, husking rice, black smith, making bamboo basket, bamboo toys such as: “birds, frogs, cup…”.  
  Participate Activities  
  Visit Ethnic Diversity  
  Biking/Motorbike/4WD Tours  
  Multi-days adventure tours, challenge on the Off-Road, countryside explore, visit different of ethnic minority groups along the dirt-road, driving through Nam Ha NPA, stunning mountain, excellent mountain landscape and Mekong Rivers. Three or four days motorbike /4WD tours to visit the GOLDEN TRIANGLE (Laos-Myanmar-China) where all ethnic villages "mainly Akha and Tai Lue" they are still keep their culture & traditional.  
  Biking Tours / Motorbike Tours / 4WD Tours  
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