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2 Days Explore Road No.17B the Historical of Muang Sing (ID: FW-LN-01)
Start-Finish: Luang Namtha town
Duration: 2 Days/1Night
Departure: 9:00 AM daily
Difficult Level: Easy soft adventure
Trip Overview
Visit different of ethnic minority groups along the road No.17B Luang Namtha to Muang Sing such as: Akha, Khmu, Lanten, Tai Dam and Tai Lue. Short walk to the hidden waterfall, ride 4 wheel drive through Nam Ha National Protected Area, overnight in the Akha Eco-lodge, to see and learning Akha cultures and traditional. The second day visit Muang Sing morning market, hand noodle making and Xieng Tueng of Stupa.
Phayueng Waterfall-Muang Sing Waterfall Xieng Tueng Satupa in Muang Sing, Laos Muang Sing Temple
Pha Yeung Waterfall   Xieng Tueng Satupa   Xieng Chai Temple
Yao in Muang Sing   Akha in Muang Sing   handicraft Ban Nong Bou
Yao Ethnic Groups   Akha Ethnic Groups   Handicraft Ban Nong Bou
Tai Dam in Muang Sing   Akha villages in Muang Sing   Muang Sing Market
Tai Dam   Akha Villages   Muang Sing Market
Muang Sing Town   noodle making in Muang Sing   Laos whisky Making in Muang Sing
Muang Sing View   Noodle Making   Laos whisky Making
Day 1: Luang Namtha-Maung Sing-Akha Eco-lodge. Approx. 85 Km
Departure from the office at 9:00 AM visit small villages on the main road Luang Namtha to Muang Sing they are Lanten, Hmong, Khmu, Tai Dam, Tai Nuea, Akha, and Tai Lue. Next riding through Nam Ha National Protected Area, short walk on the path visit Pha Yueng waterfall, traditional lunch will provide on the way. After lunch continue visit different of ethnic minorities in Muang Sing valley. You will arrival Akha Eco-lodge around 16:00. While waiting for the dinner walk around the village visit Akha museum, to see and learning about their culture and traditional and enjoy Akha massage before go to bed.
Day 2: Akha Eco-lodge-Maung Sing Valley-Luang Namtha. Approx. 70 Km
The best time to visit the Muang Sing morning market around 7:00 AM many of ethnic minority groups from the mountain come to for selling their products which collect from nature and back to home early. The breakfast will have in the market with local food. After that visit Muang Sing museum, hand noodle making, Lao Laos (Laos whisky) making, Tai Dam waving and visit the Xieng Tueng of Stupa on the mountain 800 meters up from the main road, lunch will break on the way and the final back to Luang Namtha.
Tour info:
  • Duration approx. 5-6 hours per day
  • Departure time: 9.00 AM
  • Road condition: Off-road 30% and flat road
  • Maximum: 4 Pax
  • Vehicle: 4 Wheel Drive
  • Difficult Level: Easy soft adventure
Map of Motorbike from Luang Namtha-Muang Sing-Luang Namtha
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