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1 Day Tuk Tuk/Minivan Tours Luang Namtha-Muang Sing (ID: NT-TT-02)
Start-Finish: Luang Namtha Town
Duration: Full day
Departure: 8:30 AM daily
Difficulty: Easy
Trip Overview
Travel on the road 17 B to visit different of ethnic minority mainly Akha and other as: Khmu, Tai Lue, Hmong, Yoa, Tai Dam to see and leaning about their cultures and traditional, visit the handmade village such as: traditional weaving, rice whiskey, noodle soup. Visit the old temple in Muang Sing, Xieng Tung of stupa and Muang Sing Museum.
Temple in Muang Sing Mouang Sing Stupa in Muang Sing
Akha in Muang Sing   Lanten in Muang Sing   Tai Lue House in Muang Sing
Yao in Muang Sing   Akha in Muang Sing   Tai Dam in Muang Sing
Akha Villages in Muang Sing   Noodle making in Muang Sing   Muang Sing Waterfall
ITINERARY. Approx. Full day (75 Km) & back (65 Km)
8:30 AM start at the office, this tour follows the main road from Luang Namtha to Muang Sing with gradual elevation gain. On the way you will see mountains, streams, forests, ethnic minority villages as: Hmong, Lanten, Khmu, Akha, Tai Lue, Yao and Tai Dam villages. For the lunch break, we will stop at the Pha Yuang Waterfall, accessible via a small walking trail. From the Kiew lom mountain pass, it is a quick descent to the Muang Sing valley, with broad views of mountain ranges and large extensive rice paddy fields. Just before we enter Muang Sing, we will climb up to the Xieng Tueng Stupa, the most important Buddhist stupa in the Muang Sing, visit the village of handmade and back to Luang Namtha.

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