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Nature Explore, Hill Tribe, Nam Ha Experience-2 Days Kayak Nam Ha River (ID: NT-KY-04)
River: Nam Ha River
Departure: Daily from July-October
Paddle approx. 4-5 hours/day
Difficulty: Moderate adventure
Trip Overview
Twin along the bank of Nam Ha River is Nam Ha National Protect Area cover by real natures that main attraction of this trip, in the rainy season that make you funny, exciting, challenge & adventure, colorful water birds & the occasional troop of monkeys, visit hill tribes along the river as: Khmu& Lanten, that villages located inside the National Park & overnight in the Khmu lodge of Ban Nalan.
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Day 1: Luang Namtha-Ban Nam Ha-Ban Nalan. Approx. 4 hours kayaking
The day of paddling takes us through the thick, in parts old-growth forest of the Nam Ha Protected Area. A picnic lunch and a refreshing swim mark mid-day. The trip will arrival Ban Nalan the village we stay overnight at 3:00 pm, you have time to look around the village, talk with local people they are very friendly. In the evening enjoy a typical village dinner cooked over an open fire.
Day 2: Ban Nalan-Ban Nam Goy-Ban Sop Sim-Luang Namtha. Approx. 5 hours kayaking
After a leisurely breakfast continue down river. Visit other khmu & Lanten village to see making bamboo paper, nature dyeing. The section of the river will reveal the best forest views and the most exciting rapids of the trip. Arriving at the confluence of the Nam Tha and Nam Ha rivers paddle down the Nam Tha for a way before arriving at the Khmu village of Ban Sop Sim where your transport back to Luang Namtha will be waiting you. The optional return by river is in a traditional motorboat operated by local villagers. On your way up the river you will see water birds along the banks of the river and make your last pass along the border of the Nam Ha Protected Area.
Boat Trip on Nam Tha River Map
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Note: Nam Ha is best for rafting from July to Octber, for kayaking from July to November. Low water levels from January-June may make kayaking rocky.
Village on the Bank of Nam Ha River
Ban Nalan (Khmu Village)
Experience Luang Namtha’s longest running, ever improving, and still most popular natural and cultural adventure: the Ban Nalan Trek. Try a new route. Some offer easier access, and even kayak on your journey into the Nam Ha National Protected Area (NPA) to this Khmu village on the Nam Ha River, with its new bridge.
Ban Nalan is embedded in community-based tourism (CBT) lore. Early in the millennium, a New Zealand-funded UNESCO team guided a handful of trekkers along a trail to the village. Feedback from this pioneering group of paying tourists helped design the Ban Nalan Trek, Laos’ first CBT activity. To top it off, the United Nations recognized the trail they blazed with its Development Award, and the CBT trek became a model for pro-poor tourism.
Now, the best is getting better. When you reach Ban Nalan, you’ll find Luang Namtha’s most comfortable village accommodation including quality bedding, new toilet blocks with showers, and a radiophone at the refurbished eco-lodge. Trained villagers now deliver better service and more dining options.
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