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Kayaking in Nam Ha and Nam Tha Rivers
Funny, Exiting & Challenge-1 Day Kayak Nam Tha River (ID: NT-KY-01)
Nam Tha Kayaking Kayaking on Nam Tha River adventure Kayak in Luang Namtha
Adventure & challenge kayak on Nam Tha River, explore colorful of ethnic minorities along the river such as: Black Tai, Mien Hmong (Lanten) & Mon-Khmer (Khmu), they are different of life & culture, wild life can be seen while paddling after 2 km of paddle on your right hand side is Nam Ha NPA with many exciting rapid. || Video | More photos | Book now | Read more >>
Nature Explore, River Challenge, Nam Ha NPA-1 Day Kayak Nam Ha River
(ID: NT-KY-03)
Kayaking on Nam Ha River Nam Ha Kayaking Adventure Kayaking in Nam Ha River
Long day kayaks on the Nam Ha River to explore jungle forest, green mountain landscape, birds sightseeing, the occasional troop of monkeys, visit different of ethnic minority along the river they are Khmu & Lanten, enjoy green bamboo along the bank of river. Low water levels from December to June may make kayaking rocky. || Book now | Read more >>
Adventure, Experience of a lifetime-2 Days Kayak Nam Tha River
(ID: NT-KY-02)
Kayaking on Nam Ha River Kayaking on Nam Ha River Kayaking on Nam Ha River
Adventure & exiting paddle on Nam Tha River to explore real nature, Beautiful area of Nam Ha National Park with stunning kayaking views, also learning & experience different culture & daily life of different ethnic minorities along the river, stay overnight with eco-lodge in Khmu villages of Ban Huay Lued, the second day the Nam Tha river has high water levels, so kayaking is very adventurous. || Book now | Read more >>
Nature Explore, Hill Tribe, Nam Ha Experience-2 Days Kayak Nam Ha River (ID: NT-KY-04)
Kayaking on Nam Ha River Kayaking on Nam Ha River Kayaking on Nam Ha River
Twin along the bank of Nam Ha River is Nam Ha National Protect Area cover by real natures that main attraction of this trip, in the rainy season that make you funny, exciting, challenge & adventure, colorful water birds & the occasional troop of monkeys, visit hill tribes along the river as: Khmu& Lanten, that villages located inside the National Park & overnight in the Khmu lodge of Ban Nalan. || Book now | Read more >>

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Phou Iu Travel and Ecotourism Laos likes to welcome you to the province of Luang Namtha and thank you for choosing one of the most beautiful and diverse destinations of Laos. Tucked || Read more >>