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3 Days Explore Colorful of Ethnic Diversities & Luang Namtha Off-Road (ID: MB-LN-03)
Trip Overview
Adventure tour by motorbike, challenge on the off-road, discovery countryside, visit different of ethnic minority groups, driving through Nam Ha National Protected Area, excellent landscape view, hidden waterfall and experience in different of homestay.
Adventure motorbike in Luang Namtha Motor bike tour in Luang Namtha Travel to Luang Namtha, Laos
Vieng Phoukha-Long Town   Ride through the Akha Village   Xieng Chai Temple
Vieng Phoukha, Laos   Kao Rao Cave in Vieng Phoukha   Akha villages in Long town
Long Town   Kao Rao Cave   Akha Village
Lanten people in Long Town   Hmong in Vieng Phoukha   Hmong in Vieng Phoukha
Lanten Woman   Make a friends with local People   Hmong in Vieng Phoukha
Akha in Long town   School in Akha Villages   Laho People in Vieng Phoukha
Make a friends with local People   School in Akha Villages   Lahu in Vieng Phokha
Day 1: Luang Namtha-Nalae town-Tai Lue Homestay. Approx. 100 Km
Start at 9:00 AM from the office on the off-road Luang Namtha to Nalae town visit different of ethnic minority groups located on the bank of Nam Tha River they are Lanten, Khmu and Tai Lue to see and learning about their lifestyle cultures and traditional. The lunch will break on the road. After lunch continue riding to the Nalae town and check in to the homestay in Ban Om “Tai Lue village”. While waiting for dinner walk around the village, swimming in the Nam Tha River.
Day 2: Tai Lue Homestay-Vieng Phoukha-Phin Hor. Approx. 150 Km
After breakfast in the homestay visit the Nalae morning market, travel up to the mountain on the off-road visit Khmu tribes they are still keep their culture and traditional, riding through the Nam Ha National Protected Area, explore excellent landscape. The traditional lunch will eaten on the way. Travel through the Vieng Phoukha visit colorful of ethnic minorities along the road such as: Khmu, Akha and Lahu. We will arrival in Ban Phin Hor “Hmong village” around 16:00 the village we will stay overnight for tonight.
Map of Adventure Motorbike in Luang Namtha
Motorbike Map
Day 3: Phin Hor-Long Town-Muang Sing-Luang Namtha. Approx. 145 Km
In the early morning is the best time to see lifestyle of Hmong. After breakfast travel down to Long town the home of Akha and Tai Lue. Next continue driving to Muang Sing visit the local village located on the way, visit Muang Sing museum, stupa of Xieng Tueng and back to Luang Namtha.
Tour Information
  • Duration approx. 5-6 hours per day
  • Accommodation: Tai Lue and Hmong homestay
  • Departure time: 9.00 AM
  • Road condition: Off-road 80% and flat road 20%
  • Motorbike: Kawasaki KLX 250 or Honda 125cc, YAMAHA AG 200cc
  • Maximum: 8 Pax
  • Difficult Level: Moderate soft adventure
Remark: Depending on weather and road conditions, this itinerary is subject to changes.
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