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Eco-Trek in Laos
3 Days Multi-Sport:
1 day biking from Luang Namtha-Muang Sing
2 days trek Muang Sing-Luang Namtha on Falang* Trail
(ID: NT-MT-05)
Start-Finish: Luang Namtha Town.
Duration:      3 Days / 2 Nights
Departure:   9:00 AM Daily.
Difficulty:      Moderate of biking and moderate of trekking, short hill climbs and descents
Adventure travel in Laos
Trip Overview
Biking visit ethnic groups are settled along the road, as: Kamu, Tai Lue, Tai Dam (Waving village), Tai Nuae (Villages of Lao Laos “Lao rice whiskey” and Hand noodle making), Yao and Akha, a waterfall, through the Nam Ha NPA, visit the Muang Sing Museum (open Monday to Friday, only). Next day trek to explore real nature, trek through overgrown of forest (the center of Nam Ha National Protected Area) on the old Falangs* trail (50 year ago road Muang Sing to Luang Namtha), hike to higher mountain 1,900 meters from sea level to see marvelous view of the mountain, that wide as far as the eyes can see, some on the top of wide cogon grass you can see unlimited view, that make our entranced and that area was place of the old French army, to see beautiful sunset  and sunrise.
Walking in Laos
Day 1: Biking from Luang Namtha-Muang Sing Town.
Approx. 6-7 hours
At 8:30 AM, start at the office, this tour follows the main road from Luang Namtha to Muang Sing, with gradual elevation gain. On the way, you will see mountains, streams, forests, ethnic minority villages as: Hmong, Lanten, Khmu, Akha, Tai Lue, Yao and Tai Dam villages. For the lunch break, we will stop at the Pha Yuang Waterfall, accessible via a small walking trail. From the Kiew lom mountain pass, it is a quick descent to the Muang Sing valley, with broad views of mountain ranges and large extensive rice paddy fields. After check in with  Phou Iu Guest House bike to visit Tai Dam (Waving village), Tai Nuae (Villages of Lao Laos “Lao rice whiskey” and Hand noodle making), Yao and Akha villages.
[Meals: Lunch, Dinner].
the best trek in Laos
Day 2: Muang Sing town-Old French Army. Approx. 6-7 hour
Early morning, we will visit the fresh morning market, where we will see more different ethnic minorities selling their vegetables and NTFP’s (Non Timber Forest Products), which were collected from their upland farms and in the forest. After Breakfast departure from Phou Iu II Guest House in Muang Sing by Tuk Tuk to stop at That Xieng Tueng take few minutes, next continue up on the old Falangs* trail to explore nature, you will see many kind of forest, while you trekking on the trail some where you will see green nature of view and some wide as far as the eyes can see. Around 2.5 hours you will arrive place for lunch that high mountain around 1,650 meters from the sea level. After enjoy with the traditional lunch, continue walk through old forest about an and half hours we arrive the wide of cogon grass, next walk up to the view point where higher 1,800 mater, this place you can see unlimited view as: view on the northeast you will see thousands of green mountains, view on the southeast nearly you will see green mountain as far from the green mountain you will see unlimited of forest mountain and view of the western most higher mountains, that make you happy and untiring, then walk on cogon grass you will see some rest of American army equipment and you will arrive the camp around 16-17:00 and this’s place also view point more than 1,880 meters, from here you will see Luang Namtha and Muang Sing Valley that marvelous view of the mountain and also you will see beautiful sunset. Your guides will prepare dinner and tent for you.
[Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner].
Trek in Laos
Day 3: Old French army-Ban Nam Yang-Luang Namtha town. Approx. 6-7 hours
On the early morning the guide will prepare coffee for you, then you will see great of sunrise, after breakfast continue trek on the end of mountain about 2 hours, then walk into the wild, lunch will prepare on the trail by the guide, walk to Ban Nam Yang valley visit their culture and life, they are Akha, the Tuk Tuk waiting at the village for get you back to Luang Namtha town.
[Meals: Breakfast, Lunch].
- End of tour -.
the best hiking in Laos
“*” “Falang” is Laos language mean French, “Falangs trail” is mean French trail; when Muang Sing came under French control, French was built the trail from Muang Sing-Luang Namtha-Huay Xai (Laos-Thailand border), On December 2, 1975, the king of Laos was forced to abdicate his throne and the Lao People's Democratic Republic was established, the “Falangs Trail” came under Laos government control and close the trail until now 50 years ago. Now the Laos government was allow for open trekking trail, more info about the trail please read “History of Old Falangs Trail”.
Pricing: Rate: 1US$/8,000 LAK
Rates per person in US$ & Laos Kip (LAK)
Tour ID: NT-MT-05 Rate / person (US$) Rate / person (Kip) Departure
Group  Tour, Minimum 2 participants 2 Persons 149 1,190,000 Daily
3 Persons 138 1,100,000
4 Persons 120 960,000
5 Persons 111 890,000
6 Persons 104 830,000
7 Persons 100 800,000
8 Persons 96 770,000
Price Include:
  • An experienced Government certified, English speaking Tour guide
  • Covered transport with an experienced certified driver
  • Mountain Bike(Trek 4300 and Trek 4400)
  • Accommodation: the first day overnight Phou Iu II Bungalows and the second night at the tents on the higher of mountain, all accommodation: toilet & shower outside.
  • Sleeping bags, foam mats and mosquito nets are supplied.
  • Meals-Lunch x 3, Dinner x 2, Breakfast x2
  • Water during the trip
  • Trekking permit and Provincial Tax on Net Income

You may like to carry some local currency (Lao Kip) because you will have the opportunity to purchase local handicraft from the villagers. 

Important Additional Trekking Information
Satisfaction and Safety are Luang NamTha Trekking’s key service objectives:
  • Which are foremost in our team’s planning and services delivery
  • Your contribution includes your fitness level, suitable clothing and quality footwear
To meet our objectives, we recommend:
  • Fitness level-Moderate
    For the biking is moderate, mostly flat and 80% unpaved roads, but short biking up and down of hillocks or off road; For the trekking to reach and experience a variety of visually rewarding landscapes and ecosystems, the trek hike can be strenuous at times. So the tour is best suited to trekkers in sound physical condition. Expect to cycle around 5-6 hours on day 1, walk 5-6 hours on day 2 and a further 6-7 hours on day 3 including ascents and descents Good fitness levels will minimize body stress and enhance your positive trekking experience.
  • Foot protection and safe walking
    A good quality pair of well fitting shoes with effective traction is essential. Either a pair of ‘runners’ or lightweight trekking boots are highly recommended for safety (foot and ankle protection), sureness of travel and overall enjoyment
  • Sun Protection
    A broad brimmed hat is best, with water resistant ‘block out’ (sun screen cream), cool long shirt sleeves, cool trousers, sunglasses
  • Insect protection. For comfort and safety  regarding possible insect bites and stings  we suggest
  1. Insect Repellent,
  2. Cool long shirt sleeves, cool trousers, cool socks
  3. (Overnight Mosquito nets are provided for you)
  • Rain Wear
    Tropical showers are an integral element of the landscape, so a waterproof layer is essential
  • Evening Wear
    After trekking your body temperature will cool quickly you rest and the night descends, so an additional layer of warm clothing is essential
  • Cold weather
    Night Temperatures in the mountains can drop fairly low during the Lao winter (December to January).  Again, an additional thermal clothing is essential.
Optional Personal Comfort Choice in conjunction with the above recommendations
  • 2 x cotton T-shirts 
  • One pair of shorts or long pants (please see above)
  • 2 pair of socks.
  • Light weight foot protection for evening wear
  • Towel or sarong, swimmers, toiletry and personal effects.
  • Your personal requirements
  • Prepare a layer for cool evening wear
  • Small flashlight, camera...

The tour itinerary is subject to change.
All areas are frequented by tourists because all trekking areas are supervised by Laos Tourism Administration, which means other trekkers may be in the area.

Phou Iu III Bungalows
We are proud to say that Phou Iu Travel and Eco-tourism's branch office in Luang Namtha is owner of Phou Iu III Bungalows, an award winning Eco lodge.
Hotel in Luang Namtha, Laos
Together we are working hard to make our programs in Luang Namtha a model for community-based ecotourism. We work closely with local villagers to ensure that they have ownership in tourism, benefit financially from it, and thus feel encouraged to cooperate with us in protecting the environment and natural beauty of their own lands. The villagers are our full partners and we can assure you that they want you to visit them. The money from your tour not only benefits the villagers, it also goes to strengthen the management of the Nam Ha National Protected Area.

Luang Namtha, the birthplace of ecotourism in Laos, has greener tourism than anywhere else in Laos. Phou Iu Travel and ecotourism has been a member of The Luang Namtha Sustainable Tourism Network is supported by the Community-Based Tourism for Sustainable Economic Development Project (CBT-SED), involving the: Luang Nam Tha Department of Tourism, Laos National Tourism Administration, and New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Our guides will take you into the villages and forests of Luang Namtha in a sensitive and responsible way. We strive to make tourism a positive experience for all.
Phou Iu III Bungalows in Luang Namtha, Laos
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