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6 Days Adventure Trek Nam Ha NPA (Tour ID: TK-NT-47)
Difficulty:  Moderate-difficult level; daily walk 5-6 hours
Area: Nam Ha National Protected Area-an ASEAN Heritage Site.
Departure: October-May; Close service from June-September
6 days/5 nights; the first night Akha homestay, the second night Akha jungle camp, the third night Khmu homestay, the fourth night Jungle Camp and the last Khmu Eco-lodge.
  • Trekking in the Nam Ha National Protected Area “Nam Ha NPA”-an ASEAN Heritage Site.
  • Learning how to stay overnight and eating in the jungle forest by using nature products such as: bamboo cooking, rice bamboo, boil water with herbal plants, banana leave camp, technique for hunting animals etc.
  • To see and participate Community Based Tourism Activates as: husking rice, Khmu traditional Baci-ceremony, Khmu sword dance, blacksmith, bamboo basket making “bamboo toys such as: birds, frogs, cup…”
  • Experience countryside of Akha, Khmu, Lanten learning about their culture, traditional, and daily lifestyle.
  • Trek through Jungle forest, beautiful nature, hunting trail, mountain landscape, wild lifestyle learning and hidden waterfall.
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Day 1: Ban Chaluernsouk-Ban Phou Varn “Akha Village”. Approx. 5-6 hours
Start from our office at 9:00 AM by Tuk Tuk, stop a few minutes at the fresh market to purchases some foods and things necessary, continue to Khmu village of Ban Chaluernsouk where we start trekking. Hiking deep into the Nam Ha National Protected Area. On the trail the local guides will share experience about edible plants, poisonous plants and medicinal plants include wild mushrooms, cardamoms, rattans, bamboo shoots, wild bananas stalks and etc. After lunch, continue visit waterfall and hike up to the top of mountain where you walk along through the agricultural area of the Akha people. On the mountain you will enjoy with excellent view of the jungle covered mountains and the Akha village. You arrive at Ban Phou Varn (Akha village) around 4 PM. While your host’s and guide prepare dinner you can either relax, help cook (learning traditional cooking methods), walk around the village watching traditional life, or have a beer at the local shop. After dinner you receive a massage from the Akha women, this is traditionally given to guests when they stay in the village.
Day 2: Ban Phou Varn-Akha Jungle Camp. Approx. 5-6 hours
In the early morning is the best time to see Akha lifestyle, they are get up early to prepare foods, feeding animals, get a water etc. that still keep their culture and tradition. After breakfast continue trek uphill through the mountain (more than 1,520 meters from the sea level) you will see the view point of the Phou Varn villagers, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Nam Ha NPA. The path gradually continues up and down, through primary and secondary forest. After Approx. 3 hours of trekking, you will make a stop to have a traditional Akha lunch in the forest together with your guides. After lunch you will continue walking to nice primary forest. The trek will end around 4:00 PM in the Nam Ha jungle camp. The local guide will prepare your dinner by using some of nature equipment such as: boil water with cardamoms, making soup in bamboo etc. After dinner stay in the Akha jungle camp.
Day 3: Akha Jungle Camp-Ban Nam Ha (Khmu Homestay) Appro 5-6 hours
After breakfast continue walk on the small path through the jungle forest, mountains, rivers, primary and secondary forest. The traditional picnic lunch will eaten in the midday. After lunch approx. 3 hours walk along the Nam Ha Mountain and down-hill to Ban Nam Ha village. The village we stay overnight and join tourism activities. Today you will see and participate some activities provided by small group of community based tourism as: husking rice by feet or hand, Khmu traditional Baci-ceremony, Khmu sword dance etc. After dinner you have time to listen short story of the village with the homestay owner and the final stay overnight in the Khmu traditional house.
Day 4: Ban Nam Ha-the Nam Ha Jungle Camp. Appro 5-6 hours
In the morning after coffee you will see & participate blacksmith, making bamboo basket “bamboo toys such as: birds, frogs, cup…” Have breakfast with the family. Next local guide from the village will join your trip for leading you hike through rice paddies and up into the mountains of Nam Ha NPA. Along the trail you will see many types of NTPs (Non Timber Forest Products), species of birds, monkeys are occasionally seen, your guide will teach you how to make a bird call, dear barking, squirrel sounds, share their experience about traditional medicines. The traditional lunch is eaten in the forest shade near the stream, you arrive in the jungle camp around 4 pm, over there easy walking in the jungle near the forest camp following the trail, searching animal footprints and other elements that prove the presence in the forest of many wild lives further monkey, barking dear, gibbon, wild pigs and jungle fowl. The guide will point out interesting things and useful plants and herbal medical care such as: cardamoms, galangals. After dinner overnight in the jungle camp hosted by Khmu people.
Day 5: Nam Ha Jungle Camp-Khmu Village. Approx. 5-6 hours
In the early morning you will hear a lot kind of animals scream from the higher mountain and nearly the jungle camp. The guides will encourage you to take part in the preparation of the breakfast, showing you how to construct simple coffee cups, bamboo toys, spoons and chopsticks from bamboo and leaves. They will also brew a medicinal tea from wild plants collected along the way. After breakfast walk through the jungle forest, mountain and rivers. Lunch will be prepared in the traditional way along the forest path. We will arrive Ban Nalan around 4:00 PM where we spend one more night in the Khmu Eco-Lodge. Our hosts are ready to prepare a dinner in "local style" whilst you take time to swim and bathe in the river. Walk around the village, talk with friendly people.
Day 6: Ban Nalan-Ban Namkoy-Ban Namlue. Approx. 5-6 hours
The second day follows the Nam Ha River through stands of large hardwood trees and bamboo patches to Ban Nalan Tai (Khmu Village) and Ban Nam koy (Lanten Village). The trail turns challenging as it climbs under an ancient-tree canopy rich in birdlife to a ridge and view of Luang Namtha town, visit Lanten of Ban Nam Lue before the final descent and a ride back to town with memories to last a lifetime.

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