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3 Days Trek-The only Jungle Camp Specialist
(ID: TK-NT-03)
Trekking Area: Nam Ha National Protected Area-an ASEAN Heritage Site
Hike daily approx.
5-6 hours
Departure: (October-December; January-June Only)
Difficulty: Beginners-advanced, short uphill and downhill walks up
Trip Overview:
A three days trek over a narrow jungle path into the wild green heart of Nam Ha National Park, adventurous, challenging, mysterious nature, wild lifestyle learning, cooking in bamboo vessels, cruise and enjoy the Nam Ha scenery, find footprints of wild animals, follow a hunting trail, retire at a banana leaf camp, learn about native herbal medicine and the last journey visit countryside of Khmu, learn about their lifestyle, culture and traditional.
Bamboo Cooking on the Trekking in Nam Ha NPA The Adventure and jungle trek in Luang Namtha, Laos the best trek in Laos
Bamboo Cooking   On the jungle trel   Music from Bamboo
the Jungle Camp in Nam Ha NPA   Jungle trek in Laos   Travel to jungle forest in Laos
The jungle camp   Prepare your camp   Making Spoon
Cooking in the jungle forest   Trek through the jungle forest   funny on the jungle trail in Laos
Cooking on the trail   the tree on the trail   Visitor travel on the jungle trail
Nam Ha view on the jungle trek in Laos   the best jungle trek in Laos   Jungle camp in Laos
View from the jungle trail   Enjoy the the jungle trek   The Jungle Camp
Day 1: Ban Nam Ha-Nam Ha NPA-The Jungle Camp. Approx. 5-6 hours
Departure is at 9:00 AM. From the office to Ban Nam Ha, a Khmu village, which is roughly 30 km from Luang Namtha town. The local Khmu guide with expertise and knowledge of the rainforest will join your on your trip and lead you through rice paddies and deep into the mountains of Nam Ha NPA. Along the trail if you are lucky and treading carefully enough, you may spot some rare birds, monkeys, and other wild animals occasionally seen. Your guide will teach you how to make birdcalls, do some deer barking and mimic squirrel sounds. As you go, you will see many types of NTPs (Non Timber Forest Products) and your guides will share some of their native experience about traditional medicines. Lunch is served in the forest shade near a waterway; we will arrive in the rainforest camp late in the afternoon. Next the guides will show you how to set up a jungle camp, teach you how to cook rice in vessels made of bamboo, and how to make tea from cardamoms. You may choose to participate or just sit back and learn from them. After dinner it is bedtime in the rainforest camp.
Day 2: The Jungle Camp-Riverside Jungle Camp. Approx. 5-6 hours
In the early morning you will many an animals scream from the higher mountain and nearly the jungle camp. The guides will encourage you to take part in the preparation of breakfast, show you how to craft simple coffee cups, bamboo toys, spoons and chopsticks from bamboo and leaves. They will also brew a medicinal tea from wild plants, collected along the way. After breakfast we trek deep into the heart of the Nam Ha NPA to explore untouched nature. Picnic lunch will be prepared en route with the natural food collected along the way such as: mushrooms, cardamoms, rattans, bamboo shoots, wild bananas stalks, etc., After lunch we continue walk toward the riverside jungle camp. On the trail the local guides will demonstrate some of their ancestral skills they use when hunting wildlife. While waiting for the guide ‘s setting up the camp, you may go for a refreshing dip into the river, try fishing, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest. (Please, no nudity or skimpy clothes). For the dinner you will enjoy with bamboo soup and medicinal tea made from wild plants.
Day 3: Riverside Jungle Camp-Ban Nalan-Luang Namtha. Approx. 5-6 hours
After breakfast, prepared by our guide, you’ll cross the Nam Ha River and walk through fields, next you’ll get to visit Ban Nalan, where your will learn about Khmu lifestyle, culture, and traditions. Then there is a hike uphill through forest. Traditional lunch will be prepared en route on the forest path. Thereafter, you will have an easy two-hour hike down the mountain slope until you arrive at the Ban Chalernsouk, where your driver will be waiting for you and shuttle you back to Luang Namtha.

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