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2 Days Trek- The Akha Experience (ID: MS-TK-04)
Day 1 hike approx. 4-5 hours & Day 2 approx. 3-4 hours.
Moderate, short hill climbs and descents walks up and down of hills
The tour can start from Luang Namtha
Trip Overview
Jungle forest explore, trek through the Nam Ha National Protected Area-an ASEAN Heritage Site (Nam Ha NPA), hidden waterfall, excellent view, trek through old growth forest, primary bamboo & wild banana forest, birds sightseeing, overnight at Akha eco-lodge, Akha tradition and culture performance, discovery different ethnic minorities groups as: Yao and Tai Lue villages.
Akha in Muang Sing Akha Experience Akha in Muang Sing
Akha in Laos   Akha in Laos   Akha in Luang Namtha
Akha Village in Laos   Akha in Laos   Homestay in Laos
Akha homestay   Homestay of Akha   Akha homestay in Muang Sing
Akha Eco-lodge in Muang Sing   Trekking in Muang Sing   Homestay of Akha in Muang Sing
Day 1: Nam Ha NPA-Nam Deat Mai “Akha Village”. Approx. 4-5 hours
9:00 AM departure from our office by Tuk Tuk to the central of Nam Ha NPA around half hour where many different kinds of NTP’s (Non Timber Forest Products), old growth, primary bamboo and wild banana forests, walk up to the mountain visit excellent of waterfall. While you are trekking along the trail you will have a lot of bird seeing and birds calling, your guide will teach you how to call the bird, dear barking and squirrel sounds. Lunch will provide on the trail, after that continue trekking pass old forest visit Akha village (Ban Nam Deat Mai) where we stay overnight for tonight. While waiting for dinner visit the villages walk around and meet the people, learn about Akha traditional, architecture, and culture. After dinner you will receive a massage which is traditionally given to the guests staying overnight in the village.
Day 2: Ban Nam Deat Mai-Muang Sing Town. Approx. 3-4 hours
In the early morning you will see Akha daily lifestyle such as: feeding the pigs, get water, cooking…After breakfast at the Eco-lodge, walk to visit Yao villages the home of beautiful handicraft, continue visit different of Akha and Tai Lue, the tour will finish when the Tuk Tuk get our back to Muang Sing town.

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