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2 Days Golden Triangle Trek to the Historical Town, Countryside & Authentic Ethnic Diversity (ID: XK-TK-01)
Start-Finish: Muang Sing town or Luang Namtha town
Season Departure: October to next year June
Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Departure: 7:00 AM from Luang Namtha or 8:00 AM from Muang Sing town
Moderate-difficulty, short hill climbs and descents
Trip Overview
Moderate level trek leads into the highest mountains of Xieng Khaeng Region “the old town of Muang Sing kingdom” close to the Myanmar border, where you enjoy the stunning views on the surrounding mountains. You will visit Akha villages before descending to a Tai Lue settlement at the Mekong River. On a slow boat ride down the Mekong you stop at traditional villages of Xieng Khaeng. The villages you visited they are still keep their cultures, traditional & friendly welcome you.
Trekking in Xieng Khaeng Region Akha in Xieng Khaeng Region Akha in North Mekong River
Akha in Xieng Khaeng Region   2 Days Adventure Trek-Historical Town, Countryside, Real Tradition & Culture   Akha in North of Muang Sing
Adventure Hike in Laos   Hin Fou Stupa   Ban Xay-Xieng Khaeng
Day 1: Muang Sing-Ban Mom-Ban Xay “Tai Lue Village”. Approx. 5-6 hours
Departure from Luang Namtha at 7:00 AM or Muang Sing at 8:00 AM by truck (only 4 Wheel Drive), short stop visit ethnic minority villages along the Off-Road, next direct to Ban Mom (Tai Lue village). From the top of the mountain you will enjoy view to China. After a short stop at the border checkpoint (local border Lao-China), you will continue to buffalo farm where we start trekking down (4-5 hours) from the hill to Ban Xay (Tai Lue Village) located on the bank of the Mekong River.
Ban Xay, where we stay overnight is a very picturesque Tai Lue village right at the bank of Mekong River. The nature and the view across the Mekong towards Myanmar are stunning. Before dinner you have the chance to visit to village with the Ban Xay hosts. Observe how the villages feed their animals and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the day’s end. Go for a swim in the nearby stream or Mekong River, talk to the villages, listen to stories and legends while watching the preparation of the evening meal. After dinner you will receive a relaxing traditional massage.
[Meals: Lunch and Dinner]
Day 2: Ban Xay-Xieng Khaeng- Mue Toh Kao-Muang Sing. Approx. 5-6 hours
In the morning you have time to see daily lifestyle of Tai Lue. After breakfast start by slow boat down on the Mekong River to Xieng Khaeng “the old town of Muang Sing kingdom” You pass limestone rocks and on the right side is Myanmar, an hour later you will arrive Xieng Khaeng (Tai Lue village). They are still traditional and learn about the history of this area. After one hour you walk to Ban Ja Phou Thon (Akha village). And after lunch go back to Muang Sing or Luang Namtha. On the way some sort stop to enjoy stunning views from the top of the mountains.
[Meals: Breakfast, Lunch]
- End of tour-
The Xieng Khaeng or the Old Kingdom Of Muang Sing.
Due to the fact that little is known of the history of Muang Sing prior to the late 18th century we start this short excursion into the history of Muang Sing at the end of the 19th century. In 1887 Muang Sing was established and more than 1000 subjects had to move to the new capital of the principality of Chiang Khaeng and the surrounding plain. The relocation of the capital from Muang Yu became necessary to be better protected against a Burmese punitive expedition.

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